The Tetrapolitan Confession

His Worshipful Majesty will acknowledge the truth concerning all things which we have received for some time as Christ’s doctrine and as the teaching of a purer religion that he will absolutely approve our attempt and number us among those who have endeavored to obey him with the greatest fidelity. For the renowned zeal of Thy Most Worshipful Majesty for truth and justice and thy fervent godliness permit us not even to suspect that thou wilt prejudge us before we have as yet been heard, or wilt not hear us kindly and attentively, or when thou hast heard us, and weighed with thy devout deliberation what we present, God aiding thy spirit, as he has so successfully led Thy Most Worshipful Majesty in other matters, that thou wilt not immediately perceive that we have followed the very doctrines of Christ.

By Martin Bucer

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