The Laws of Christ for Common Life. Chapter 16. The Universal Sovereignty of Christ

He is King — not merely the Example of holiness, the Helper of infirmity, the Sacrifice for sins, our Prophet, our Brother, our Friend — He is King. To the spirit of man He speaks with authority; He claims its homage, He demands its obedience. He requires the tribute of its choicest and noblest treasure. All forms of earthly service and reverence are but imperfect symbols of the service and reverence which He claims from the soul of man. The awe and devout fear with which we bow down before God are His; for He is God manifest in the flesh. The reverence of the conscience for the eternal law of righteousness is His; for in Him that law has a personal life, and by Him its authority is sustained. The homage which the heart should render to supreme spiritual glory is His; for His own life is the Divine ideal of human perfection and He is the eternal fountain of all that is morally beautiful and noble on earth and in heaven.

By Robert William Dale

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