The Apology of Al Kindy

Fear Him, my Friend, who hath power both over the body and the soul, Who is ready to have mercy on thee, and embrace thee, even as a tender father embraceth his wandering son. The Lord hath favoured thee with wisdom and understanding above thy fellows. Be not then deceived with the pomps and vanities of this transitory life; for verily the world with its lusts and pleasures is a Syren that leadeth to destruction. Look to thy soul, my Friend, before the day come when thy sight shall fail from thine eyes, and weigh well that which I have written in the scales of justice and by the light of reason. The matter is one of infinite import, and cannot, without eternal risk, be put aside. It concerneth thee, not only in this life, but in the great future before thee, when no vain excuse will be accepted. And know of a certainty that he who rejecteth all vain and false securities, and believeth in the Lord, hath laid hold of a sure refuge, and will find eternal rest in His good pleasure.

By William Muir

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