Religio Medici: Part Two

I cannot fall out or condemn a man for an error, or conceive why a difference in opinion should divide an affection; for Controversies, Disputes, and Argumentations, both in Philosophy and in Divinity, if they meet with discreet and peaceable natures, do not infringe the Laws of Charity. In all disputes, so much as there is of passion, so much there is of nothing to the purpose; for then Reason, like a bad Hound, spends upon a false scent and forsakes the question first started. And this is one reason why Controversies are never determined; for, though they are amply proposed, they are scarce at all handled, they do so swell with unnecessary Digressions, and the Parenthesis on the party is often as large as the main discourse upon the subject.

By Thomas Browne

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