Fifty Spiritual Homilies. Homily 5

For Christ will come down from heaven, and raise up all the tribes of Adam, those who from the beginning have fallen asleep, according to the holy scriptures, and will set them all in two divisions, and those who bear His own sign, that is the seal of the Spirit, He will call to Him as His very own and set them on His right hand; for My sheep, He says, hear My voice, and I know Mine own and am known of Mine. Then shall the bodies of these be arrayed with divine glory from their good works, and shall be full of the glory of the Spirit, which they had in their souls even here; and thus being glorified in the divine light, and caught up into heaven to meet the Lord in the air, as it is written, we shall ever be with the Lord, rejoicing with Him to ages without end. Amen.

By Macarius of Egypt

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