The Lantern of Light. Chapter Two: Of a Petition

For the apostles of Christ and his other followers were not graduate men in schools, but the Holy Ghost suddenly inspired them, and made them plenteous of heavenly lore. And they that have laboured in mortal learning, humbled themselves as simple men, as St. Jerome saith, “Preachers unlettered are sent to preach, that the faith of true believers should be hoped to be brought in, not by man’s virtue, but by speech and doctrine of God.” And so saith St. Augustine, writing to Simplician, ” Untaught men rise and catch heaven, and we, with our clergy, are drowned to hell.” And St. Gregory saith, “Right as truth incarnate, that is, Christ in his manhood, chose poor simple men for his preaching, so antichrist is to choose sturdy and double-minded men, having the wisdom of this world, to preach his falsehood.”

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