The Poor Caitiff. Chapter Six: The Charter Of Our Heavenly Heritage

This charter no fire can burn, nor water drown, nor thief rob, nor any creature destroy. For this scripture the Father of heaven hath hallowed or made steadfast, and sent it into the world, which scripture may not be undone, as the gospel witnesses. This scripture is our Lord Jesus Christ, the charter of our heritage of heaven. Lock not this charter in thy coffer, but set it, or write it in thine heart, and none of the creatures, either in heaven, or on earth, or in hell, can steal it, or bereave it from thee; but if thou govern thyself from assenting to sin, and keepest well this charter in the coffer of thine heart with good living and devout love, lasting to thine end — as trustily and truly as he is true God, by virtue of this charter, thou shalt have thine heritage of bliss, enduring without end.

By John Wycliffe

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