The Poor Caitiff. Chapter Seven: The Armour of Heaven or Ghostly Battle

Almighty God saith by holy Job, that all man’s life upon earth is fighting, that is battle against spiritual enemies and sin. St. Paul saith, Clothe yourselves in the armour of God, that ye may stiffly stand against temptations and deceits of the fiend. Man’s body is as a cloth with which his soul is hid; and as a horse that bears his master through many perils. And to this horse, that is, man’s body, belong many things, if he will bear his master aright out of perils. For no knight can securely fight against his enemy, unless his horse be obedient to him; no more can the soul fight against the wiles of the fiend, if the flesh, which is his horse, live in lusts and likings at his own will.

By John Wycliffe

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