The Poor Caitiff. Chapter Nine: Of The Love Of Jesus

There are three degrees of Christ’s love, in which those that are chosen to God’s love go from one to another. The first is called insuperable; the second is inseparable; the third is called singular. Love is insuperable when it cannot be overcome with any other affection or love, no trial or temptation — when it gladly casts down all other hindrances, and all temptations, and quenches fleshly desires. When man suffers gladly and meekly all anguish for Christ, and is not overcome with any delight or flattering, so that whether thou art in ease or in anguish, in sickness or in health, that thou wouldest not, to have all the world, anger God at any time. And blessed is the soul that is in this state; every labour is light to him that loves truly, neither can any man better overcome travail than by love.

By John Wycliffe

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