The Reign of Christ. Book Two. Chapter Five: The Kingdom of Christ Must Be Reformed by Devout Persuasion and an Accurate Preaching of the Gospel, Rather Than by Decrees

For it must be greatly feared that these people are agitated by an adverse spirit who strives to restore the administration of Christ’s religion to men who are as little qualified for it as they let themselves to be used for it. Thus they make it possible for greedy men that they not only despoil ecclesiastical wealth and power but also gradually abolish the religion of Christ entirely. For that spirit hopes that when the leadership of the churches has been destroyed, there will no longer be men who would want to prepare and fit themselves sincerely and earnestly for the sacred ministry of the Church. For it knows and has the experience of so many centuries that Christ’s religion entirely fails among the people when the Church’s sacred ministry has been handed over to inept and unfaithful ministers.

By Martin Bucer

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