The Reign of Christ. Book Two. Chapter Fifty Six: The Tenth Law: on the Revision and Elaboration of Civil Laws

In all laws it must first of all be required that all self-love and all greed be suppressed and that everyone embrace and help his neighbors and transact all things with them in the same good faith that everyone wishes others to have in entering into and making contracts with himself. These things, therefore, should be considered and regarded by the correctors of all laws which are promulgated for the observance of so-called commutative justice, by which men are made to acknowledge that they have been born not for themselves but for God, Church, country, and neighbor, and that they wickedly injure God and the commonwealth and deserve to be rejected from the human community if they should be discovered to have preferred in any matter their own good to the good of the commonwealth and their neighbor.

By Martin Bucer

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