The Reign of Christ. Book One. Chapter Fifteen: How Salutary It Is For All Men To Have The Kingdom of Christ Firmly Restored Among Them

For how many do we see even among those who wish to be considered especially learned and enthusiastic about the Kingdom of God who are either ashamed or irked to preach the gospel of this Kingdom to every creature and especially to those who are yet quite uninstructed, even though they are singularly committed to the trust of those very ones whose temporal things they gather; indeed, how many do you find who, however open and horrible a sacrilege it is, take the income of a number of parishes and yet do not render the ministry even to a single person either through helpers or by themselves. If in these splendid and well-attended places they have one or two, or a few more, sermons in a year, they think that they have discharged their duty admirably; they spend all the rest of their time in leisure, luxury, and worldly pomp.

By Martin Bucer

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