The Poor Caitiff. Chapter Eight: To Love Jesus

This name, Jesus, truly held in mind, roots up vices, plants virtues, brings charity or love to men, gets men savouring heavenly things, wastes discord, informs peace, gives everlasting rest, or does away heaviness of fleshly desires. All earthly desires, all earthly things, it turns into heaviness. It fills those that it loves with spiritual joy; so that worthily it may be said. All shall be glorified in thee, that love thy name, for thou shalt bless the righteous. The righteous deserved to be blessed, for he hath truly loved this name, Jesus. He is called righteous, because he seeks earnestly to love Jesus. What can fail to him who unceasingly covets to love Jesus? He loves and he desires to love, for thus we know the love of God to stand; for the more we love, the more we covet to love.

By John Wycliffe

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