A Defence Of The True and Catholic Doctrine of the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of our Saviour Christ. Book One

The Supper Of The Lord, otherwise called The Holy Communion or Sacrament of the body and blood of our saviour Christ, has been of many men, and by sundry ways, very much abused, but especially within these four or five hundred years. Of some, it has been used as a sacrifice propitiatory for sin, and otherwise superstitiously, far from the intent that Christ did first ordain the same at the beginning, doing therein great wrong and injury to his death and passion. And of other some, it hath been very lightly esteemed, or rather condemned and despised, as a thing of small or none effect. And thus between both the parties hath been much variety and contention in diverse places of Christendom.

By Thomas Cranmer

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